quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

Atualização OpenBSD 4.4 para 4.5 remotamente

Guia para atualização do OpenBSD 4.4 para o 4.5 remotamente:

The upgrade process

Upgrading without install kernel

Place install files in a "good" location

Stop any appropriate applications:
Verificar o MD5

Install new kernel(s)
export RELEASEPATH=/openbsd/4.5
rm /obsd ; ln /bsd /obsd && cp bsd /nbsd && mv /nbsd /bsd
cp bsd.rd bsd.mp /

Remove old X modules: These will be replaced with new ones shortly:
rm -rf /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/*

Save yourself a copy of the old reboot(1) command: You are still running the old kernel, it
is possible the new reboot command will not run on the old kernel.
cp /sbin/reboot /sbin/oreboot

Install new userland applications. Do NOT install etc45.tgz and xetc45.tgz now, because that
will overwrite your current configuration files! Note that we are installing base45.tgz LAS
T, because it will include a new tar(1) utility, which may or may not run on the old kernel.
We reboot immediately, as the system is probably barely runnable now.
tar -C / -xzphf comp45.tgz
tar -C / -xzphf game45.tgz
tar -C / -xzphf man45.tgz
tar -C / -xzphf misc45.tgz
tar -C / -xzphf xbase45.tgz
tar -C / -xzphf xfont45.tgz
tar -C / -xzphf xserv45.tgz
tar -C / -xzphf xshare45.tgz
tar -C / -xzphf base45.tgz

Again, the files in /etc are handled separately below, so etc45.tgz and xetc45.tgz are NOT u
npacked here.

After reboot completes, upgrade /dev. The new MAKEDEV file was copied to /dev by the install
ation of base45.tgz, so you simply need to do the following:
cd /dev

sysmerge -as $RELEASEPATH/etc45.tgz -x $RELEASEPATH/xetc45.tgz

mtree -qdef /etc/mtree/4.4BSD.dist -p / -u

Lançamento: OpenBSD 4.5

Nova versão do Sistema Operacional OpenBSD.